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Tree Health

Our trees are a lot like us: they require care to remain healthy. Just as we trust doctors to guide us with this care, our trees need trusted tree doctors to monitor and heal them. Trees thrive when they are monitored and maintained, which is why our professional arborists take the time to inspect trees and assess their condition. Routine tree health inspections are vital to managing insects and diseases and helping trees thrive in an urban environment.


Your arborist will inspect the root cause of tree stress or health decline and outline a plan to preserve your tree. Working with your local arborist ensures a personalized approach to tree health care, taking into account:


  • Regional pests and diseases
  • Local weather
  • The overall condition of your landscape

Our tree doctors still make house calls. A good plant health care program starts with proactive monitoring.

Insect & Tree Disease Management

A great example of plant health care in action is insect and tree disease management. Left unchecked, insects and tree diseases can quickly turn your tree and shrub assets into liabilities. An arborist’s keen eye is essential, and proactive monitoring goes a long way towards early detection.


As a licensed, professional tree service, your local A-Ackerman Tree Care Experts will periodically monitor your trees for signs of a thinning canopy, undersized or discolored leaves or sawdust-like material, small holes in tree bark and other signs of tree disease and insect problems. Once our tree doctors have diagnosed the problem, we can provide treatment and/or management options to restore your green assets back to good health.



We detect potential tree threats before they become severe and costly


Our tree doctors can help regularly assess your landscape and detect problems before they become advanced – one of the many benefits to the health of your landscape and the health of your wallet. Our tree doctors specialize in tree health and tree risk assessments and take a holistic, scientific-based approach for maintaining a healthy landscape. They combine a visual inspection and creative technology to identify existing damage and potential risk. Our arborists can also recommend various types of corrective action for your trees and shrubs including pruning, cabling, bracing and even lightening protection systems.


Root Protection Services

Healthy roots lead to healthy trees. Many of the tree service problems our arborists encounter start below ground. Often trees are planted incorrectly, frequently too deeply or with excessive mulch piled against the trunk. This can lead to girdling roots, poor growth, pest problems health decline or even tree death.


Root collar excavation, or the professional removal of soil and mulch from against the trunk, is a simple, effective process that an arborist uses to help correct these issues and ensure proper root protection. A-Ackerman Tree Service provides service to the Greater Dayton, Huber Heights, Vandalia, Northridge, Fairborn, Centerville, Kettering, Bellbrook, and Beavercreek areas. Access a complete list of the tree services. 


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 As professional arborists, we are not only insured but we are  ISA Certified Arborists.